Baubles + Soles


A first-time mom came up with the idea for Baubles + Soles after she became frustrated by the need to buy multiple pairs of shoes for her daughter even though her daughter would outgrow them more quickly than she could wear them. Children’s feet grow so quickly that they often outgrow their shoes before they can wear them - this resulted in her buying multiple shoes to go with different outfits and occasions. The lightbulb moment came when she thought: "What if I could invent one shoe that could be worn from playground to party and styled with every single outfit in the wardrobe?"

With nearly 2 years of designing, engineering and testing the push-and-twist lock mechanism - Baubles + Soles was born.

Baring our Sole

Designed with her daughter in mind, our founder knew she had to create the best possible pair. Our soles are handcrafted from a proprietary bio-based material that is predominantly soy and salt. They are strong yet soft, lightweight and flexible which are perfect for the growing feet. 

A "bauble" means a trinket or a treasure

Secure, functional and easy to use, the baubles easily attach with an insert-push-and-twist mechanism and can withstand a 30lbs. pull-force.

By changing out our shoes with different baubles, you can change the entire look of the shoe and style with many different outfits. Some baubles are educational (baby's first animals), while others have a comedic slant. Buy a handful of baubles or collect them all! What’s more, the same lock is affixed to all of our shoes which means every bauble can be reused with successive shoe sizes and styles.

Love Oka-B is the official retailer and distributor of Baubles + Soles.